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Pewter Run Rules

10.1  History

The Pewter Run is a timed, non-speed, reliability road event for motorcycles built prior to 1950. The Pewter Run is a Vintage and Veteran Motor Cycle tour dedicated to celebrating the first fifty years of motorcycling. This is an AMA sanctioned road-riding event subject to their rules and regulations. The event is organized and promoted by the USCRA and subject to the following additional Regulations:

10.2  Machine Eligibility

The event is open to all eligible AMA members, USCRA members and their invited guests, driving a motor cycle, either solo or with sidecar, autocycle, or three-wheeled cyclecar manufactured not later than December 31st 1949. Riders of out of period later machines of like design may petition the event organization and be permitted to participate in Class E at the discretion of the Event Chairperson.

10.3 Classes

Class A: Veteran: Machines manufactured before December 1914.

Class B: Early Vintage: Machines manufactured between 1915 and December 1924.

Class C: Late Vintage: Machines manufactured between 1925 and December 1930.

Class D: Late Vintage: Machines manufactured between 1930 and December 1949.

Class E: Post 1950: **Entries subject to approval by event director. Please send photo if possible.

10.4 Routes

There will be several routes of varying lengths depending on class entered. All routes are over paved roads of good or reasonable surface. The A route for veteran machines will avoid steep hills to the extent possible. Responsibility for following the correct route will rest with the rider. Refer to note in section 10.5 below. Mileage given on the route card is calculated to the nearest 1/10th mile.

10.5 Scoring

Participants will follow a designated route at a designated average speed to checkpoints that will confirm their progress. To be eligible for awards, Participants must complete the route for the entered class of machine in the prescribed time. Average speed shall be shown on route cards.

NOTE: A rider registered in an earlier period class may elect to travel one of the longer designated routes. The rider will be scored against the time for the longer route. In such a case, the rider must alert event officials prior to electing the longer route to ensure correct scoring.

10.6 Entries

    • Entry fees for Riders - All entrants will pay an entry fee.
    • Entry fee for passengers - All passengers participating in the event will pay an entry fee.
    • Payment must be included with entry form.
    • All participants are encouraged to be active AMA members. AMA and USCRA memberships will be sold at the event.
    • Entry acceptance will be at the discretion of the USCRA event chairperson. Starting numbers will be allocated based on date of entry.
    • Entrants for the Team Award (best timed performances from a team of three riders) should choose a name for their team and use this name on all three entry forms.
    • Requests to share a start time will be considered by the event chairperson.
    • Entry fee refunds can only be considered through written cancellation requests received by specified date.
    • Changes of machine or class will only be permitted by written petition and at the discretion of the event chairperson or his designee. Last minute changes are discouraged.
    • Entrants will receive their route instructions at event registration.


10.7 Regulations for Riders & Machines


10.8 Regulations for the Meeting

Only registered riders and registered passengers entered in the event and while taking part in this event, will be covered by the AMA sanctioned event liability insurance policy. Parking in the staging area is for machines registered and entered in the event only, all other machines and transport vehicles must park in the designated areas.

10.9 Awards

To qualify for a Timed Award, riders must:

Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the results. Performance Awards for which only entrants, complying with previous paragraph are eligible:

    • Class Trophy – Presented to the entrant in each class whose accumulated points and time is nearest to but not faster than the overall time designated for that class.
    • Pewter Replicas – Presented to all entrants finishing within 10% of their specific class winner’s time.
    • Completion Awards – Presented to all machines successfully completing their designated class route as per the rules.
    • Jack Connors Memorial Trophy – Awarded to the entrant of the oldest machine.
    • Combined age Trophy – Awarded to the entrant whose age plus that of his/her machine totals the greatest number of years.
    • The Team Trophy - Awarded for the best performances from a team of three riders, registered as a team. They must ride the routes according to the age of their machines.
    • Good Sport Award – For the entrant best dressed in period attire in keeping with the machine.
    • Hard Luck Award – At the discretion of the organizer, hopefully will not be needed.

10.10 Spectators

Spectators are encouraged to attend. Non-registered event machines and spectators must not interfere with the progress of the registered participants. It is against the rules and spirit of this event for non-registered event machines or vehicles to assist with pacing.

This is the full USCRA Rules book for this season. This will have the rules for the Pewter Run, MotoGiro-USA and The USCRA Race division.
If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the Pewter Run with the mailer below or for racing rules, please contact the Rules committee at rules@race-uscra.com