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2013 USCRA Pewter Run Results

September 29th, 2013

Pewter Medallions: Presented to all entrants.

Performance Awards: Presented to the entrant in each class whose time is nearest to, but not faster, than the overall time designated for that class.

Class Awards:

A: Veteran (Pre 1914)

1st,  We Congratulate all the riders in this class for a great run


B: Early Vintage (1915-1924)

1st, David & Kaylah Fusiak – 1915 Harley Davidson J


C: Late Vintage (1925-1930)

1st, Richard Carrera – 1925  Henderson [15sec]

2nd, Tim Cost – 1928 Indian Prince [17sec]

3rd, Dave Ciccalone – 1927 Henderson Deluxe [2min 54sec]


D: Post Vintage (1931-1949)

1st, Mike Sullivan – 1949 Harley Davidson VLD [4sec]

2nd, Paul Ousy –  1938 Harley Davidson [26sec]

3rd, Paul Leone – 1945 Indian Chief [6m 44sec]

E: Post 1950 (1950 -1959)

1st, Bruce Smith –1955 BMW R26 [2sec]

2nd, Daniel Kumin – 1958 Triumph Cub  [6sec]

3rd, Tom Voss – 1959 BMW R26 [11m 4sec]


Special Awards:










Pewter Medallions also given to the many volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible


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