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  • Pewter Run introduces new calculator page


    Calculator The Pewter Run is a timed completion for vintage motorcycles created before the year 1960. It's not a race but a ride to overcome the clock. The goal is completing the route as close to your time without going UNDER your set time. Having said that, we have put together a calculator that may help you make your goal time. The Calculator page has two calculators, one to help you find your goal time with the average speed and mileage provided at morning registration.

    A 2nd calculator was also added for calculating team points/time for a chance at winning the Pewter Run Team Award. You can find the calculator at or or in the Information dropdown menu at the top of the page. For any questions on the calculator, please contact us at

  • Pewter Run 2014 To be Run In Massachusetts October 5, 2014


    The 2014 Pewter run will be held in the Town of Northfield, Massachusetts on Sunday October 5, 2014. The AMA sanctioned event will be headquartered at the West Northfield playground approximately one mile south of the Vermont border with Vernon, Vermont on Rt 142. The ride will travel up Rt 5 through Bernardston, Massachusetts through Guilford, Vermont then East to Vernon, Vermont and back to West Northfield. The early October ride over lightly traveled roads should have spectacular fall foliage as it winds through farm country and along the Connecticut River valley. The playground offers plenty of parking, and a large building for the BBQ. Easily accessible from I 91 at the Bernardston / Northfiels exit South of Brattleboro, Vt and just North of Greenfield, Massachusetts, the event should attract many riders from all parts of New England.

  • New Hampshire Chronicle features Gibson Pewter


    Jon Gibson, proprietor of Gibson Pewter was featured lasted evening on a TV program called New Hampshire Chronicle. Gibson pewter is a sponsor of The USCRA Pewter Run. It's a great TV segment, as he makes the fine art of pewter spinning look so easy, and his love of the craft really shows. His designs are so beautiful, and so well executed. You can see the segment here:

    Watch Here>>>
  • American Iron Magazine Kickstart Classic Comes to the Pewter Run


    Buzz Kanter Writes - Good news for all of us who like in the northeast part of the US. We at American Iron Magazine have just announced a second Kickstart Classic ride September 27 & 28.
    Sponsored by BAKER Drivetrain and GEICO insurance, we will gather the evening of Thursday, September 26, 2013 at Moroney’s Harley-Davidson in Newburgh, NY. We leave the next morning and ride to Woodstock Harley (so bring your tie-dye and love beads) for lunch. Then on to Spitzie’s Harley in Albany for the overnight.
    On Saturday, Sept 28 we roll out of Albany, NY and ride to Monadnock Harley in Swanzey, NH for a lunch stop. Then on to Heritage Harley for dinner and an overnight.
    The next morning is the Pewter Run outside Concord, NH (Penacook, NH) for classic and vintage bikes.
    To read the full release Click Here >>>

  • Pewter Run Registration 2013


    registration will start at the MotoGiro-East on May 3 2013 at noon. We have some exciting new changes and events coming 2013 and hope you will attend. If you have any questions about the Pewter Run, please contact us, we love to hear from you. for more information about the MotoGiro-East, go to . We hope to see you there. 

  • Merrimack Valley Voice..


    The Pewter Run comes you this season with the help of the Merrimack Valley Voice. Mike Cotton of the Merrimack Valley Voice has sponsored the Pewter Run for two seasons now. So thank you to the Merrimack Valley Voice for your support. We look forward to a great 2013 event

  • USCRA Builds a new Site for the Racing Circuit


    Fulmer Helmets Although we are a vintage organization, we must stay with the current times. One of the ways we need to do so is our websites. So coming this month the race-USCRA website is getting an overhaul. This is long over due and we feel it's time. One of the new features is the integrated search engine for all 3 USCRA divisional websites. We have developed an in-house search engine to allow you to search for your interest within the MotoGiro, Pewter Run and Race-USCRA. So take a look around and let us know what you think,

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  • Fulmer Helmets Joins the Pewter Run Team


    Fulmer Helmets Thank you to Fulmer Helmets for sponsoring the Pewter Run this season. Like the Pewter Run, Fulmer Helmets is built on style and reputation. We are proud to wear the Fulmer brand helmet along with the most comfortable and stylish apparel. If you would like to learn more about Fulmer and there amazing line...

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  • Coopers Joins the Pewter Run Team


    Fulmer Helmets Coopers Vintage Salvage has joined the Pewter Run team. Coopers in Franklin NH has been a salvage yard for vintage Motorcycles for decades. You can find most anything for your metric vintage motorcycle in vas selection of parts they have to offer. Many racers from the USCRA have used and depended on the Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki parts to keep there race bikes rolling as well as restoring that barn find on the lift If you have a part your looking for, call Coopers at (603)934-5860. they will help you find what your looking for...

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  • The Pewter Run is on in New Hampshire


    Dale Hoyt Back by popular demand, we are off to a 2nd great year at the Penacook Historical Society. preparations are being made to launch the event in 2013 with some special guests and events. so check back with us to find out more about this seasons Pewter Run.

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  • Father of the Pewter Run in the Hall of Fame


    Dale Hoyt Congratulations to the Father of the Pewter Run, Mark Gibson for his much deserved induction into the USCRA Hall of Fame Class of 2013.  Bob Coy commemorated Mark with a wonderful and memorable speech, talking about Mark's achievements from the launch of the sidecar division of the USCRA to the creation of the Pewter Run. So again, congratulations to Mark for his selfless dedication and endless work for the USCRA.  The USCRA would not be what it is today with him.

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  • North East Motor Sports Museum


    NE Motor Sports " On the Board of Directors of the Racing History Preservation Group is the Owner and Director of the USCRA Bob Coy. The museum is a proposed 20,000 square foot facility that will be located on the grounds of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. the museum will be home to an extensive collection of race cars, trophies, helmets, engines, motorcycles, books, photographs, newspapers, videos, magazines and memorabilia that represents a cross-section of the rich North East racing history."

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  • American Iron Magazine Article


    American Iron "1909 Vintage Harley Police Motorcycle, The earliest police model in existence.."
    "An American Iron Magazine featured bike is an amazing, all-original 1909 Harley-Davidson police motorcycle owned by our good friend and amazing motorcycle enthusiast John Parham. It’s part of his vast collection of rare antique machines and one of my favorites for many reasons. It’s all original, and it’s also the earliest known Harley-Davidson police motorcycle in existence."

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  • Dale Hoyt


    Dale HoytThe USCRA is Sad to announce the passing of Dale Hoyt, Dale was a dear friend to many in the USCRA. He was an active rider in the MotoGiro and NE Tiddlers. Dale always welcomes you with open arms, with smile on his face and laugh in his heart. Dale was a very talented person as you can see in the outstanding restorations to the hand drawn Christmas cards. so thank you Dale for many years of love. laugh and friendship May he smell Castrol oil every morning. (Dale's email sign off)

    Dale Hoyt Facebook

  • American Iron Magazine Presents
    Vintage 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead


    American Iron "Nothing captures the heart of a motorcycle enthusiast more than a crusty old Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Period. They are things of beauty that conjure dreams of the adventure and romance of earlier times when cycling was in its infancy, and they absolutely captivate us with their honesty and integrity. Motorcycles of all types, in original condition, have been leading the pack from a value standpoint for the last number of years, and their newly earned status in our hobby speaks volumes about how far we have come in the collecting world. By original condition, I mean specifically original-paint machines that still wear the factory enamel laid down on the assembly line in Milwaukee, when the bike was brand-new, as well as still retain their original chrome plating, original parkerized parts, original wiring harness, original leather seat and saddlebags, original rubber parts, original tires, original nuts and bolts, etc. Obviously, the range of value varies by condition, the better the paint and plating, and the more accessories and add-ons, the more highly regarded they are by collectors. Look at any eBay auction for old machines, or comb the web for motor�cycle auctions across the country; you will see the large spread between the restored bikes and the original, unrestored machines."

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  • Face Book

    Buzz Kanter writes - I recently heard the date for the 2010 running of the Motorcycle Pewter Run in New Hampshire is tentatively scheduled for October 3, 2010. That is a week after the end of the Motorcycle Cannonball Run. So....if you like to ride old (pre-1950s) and mostly original bikes with others, and you are in the New England area the Pewter Run might be a good choice for you. It is a one day time distance event in the back roads of New Hampshire. I went last year with my 1924 Harley JD and and 1948 Harley Panhead and we had a blast. Sure hope I can make it back from California with my Motorcycle Cannonball bike in time (and assuming it is still in decent running condition after riding it across the US).


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  • Face Book
    Pewter Run Vintage Motorcycle Ride in New Hampshire

    Buzz Kanter writes - I'd like to invite anyone and everyone here on this classic motorcycle forum to join me and the others at this year's Pewter Run on Sunday September 6th in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

    This will be the first time I am participating but this will be the 5th annual running of it.

    The Pewter Run, a celebration of "The First Fifty Years of Motorcycling" is a "road reliability trial and an opportunity for owners to use our classic motorcycles in the manner they were intended."

    The rules are loosely based on the VMCC's Banbury Run and Sunbeam MCC's Pioneer Run in England. There are five classes as follows:

    Class A: Veteran. Motorcycles manufactured before December 1914.
    Class B: Early Vintage. Motorcycles from 1915 to 1924.
    Class C: Late Vintage. Motorcycles from 1925 to 1920.
    Class D: Post Vintage. Motorcycles from 1930 to 1949.
    Class E: Post 1950**. **Entries subject to approval by event coordinator. Please send photo and description.

    Each rider is given a route sheet with a map and written direction for the course. Riders start at timed intervals and a pewter trophy is presented in each class for the rider who comes closest to a pre-determined time without being under that time.
    I am considering competing on my 1924 Harley JDCA in the Class B: Early Vintage group. Anyone else interested in joining me in the fun?


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  • Face Book

    From the Manchester NH Chapter #1294
    Sponsored by Manchester Harley-Davidson and Buell, Inc.......
    Pewter Run & Antique Motorcycles
    August 31, 2008
    Photos by Lowell McPherson & Tom Lustenberger
    Thank you to the Harley Owners Club for attending the 2008 event We hope to see you back for our future events


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  • Face Book

    Classic Harley Motorcycle & Info
    One Day Classic Motorcycle Ride in New Hampshire

    Sept 4, 2012
    rode this timed/distance event a few years ago on my original paint 1924 Harley JDCA, and my buddy Jim Sims rode my 1948 Panhead. We had a great time. If I am recovered from riding my 1929 Harley JDH 4,000 miles across the US on the Motorcycle Cannonball a week earlier, I hope to participate in this year’s Pewter Run. For more info email


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  • Face Book

    Adventure Rider
    Ride The World

    Sept 29, 2012
    Photos by "Nice Rumble"
    Take a look at some amazing shots of the 2012 Pewter Run event in Penacook, NH at the Rolfe Historical Museum.


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  • Face Book

    AMCA Community Forums
    Pewter Run 2012 -- Gets better every year!!!

    Dec 29, 2010
    Originally Posted by Louie MCman"
    I would love to see this run grow into a huge early bike run


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  • Face Book

    Fifth Annual Pewter Run - NH

    Aug 19, 2009
    The fifth annual Pewter Run, September 6,2009 will once again take place in Hillsborough Center, NH. The Pewter Run is a unique road event dedicated to the active use and display of motorcycles manufactured between 1900 and 1950. With the backdrop of several historic New England towns, country inns, and rolling hills, the Pewter Run gathering will give a glimpse into motor cycling's early history. Entrants will ride their machines over a designated route where the emphasis is placed on reliability and fun. There will be the Special Interest class for machines of the early 1950's.


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  • Face Book

    The Jockey Journal
    Pewter Run Vintage Bike Event in New Hampshire

    Sept 07, 2009
    Got back from competing in the Pewter Run yesterday in the back country of New Hampshire. I rode my 1924 Harley JD and my pal Jim Sims rode my 1948 "Crustoration" Harley Panhead we redid in American Iron Magazine a couple of years ago. This is the first time we'd tried this one and have to say it was a lot of fun with some great old motorcycles in a beautiful part of the country. The event is open to pre-1950 motorcycles and I guess about 15 registered for the ride this year. The oldest was my 1924 Harley, the next oldest was a very cool looking and great running 1925 Henderson Four. A handful of Indians (one with a sidecar) and a bunch of British motorcycles too. All the riders are given racer bibs to wear (hey, I was drooling on a few of the bikes) and a route sheet. We leave the start one bike at a time every 30 seconds and have to make it to the various check points. Then we need to make it back to the start/finish at a predetermined time based on the projected speed of each bike. If you are even one second early you are disqualified. And the bike that comes in closest to the projected time without coming it too soon, wins the class. As the only bike in the pre-1925 class I won with my 1924 Harley. But much to my amazement I believe I was the best time of the day with only 7 seconds. I'd like to believe it was due to my talent but the reality is it was more dumb luck than skill on my part. Info at and hope to run an article with some photos in American Iron Magazine in a few months. Buzz Kanter


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  • Dave Roper- Dave Roper Racing

    Brian Bunnell was super supportive of the Giro, helping Giroist all weekend including meeting Rich Hosley on the road with a selection of clutch cables to replace the one that was just about to break. Bunnell's also had some great vintage racing photos on the wall of Roger Chase on a pre-unit Triumph in a scrambles and at Laconia and on a Parilla - Sunday October 7, 2012

    read more of dave's blog

  • Jon Gibson

    The 6th Annual Pewter Run vintage motorcycle race took place here on Sunday, October 3. Thirty-one vintage (pre-1950) American and British bikes were entered in the race and enthusiasts from around the Northeast made the trip to Hillsborough Center to admire the vintage motorcycles, watch the race, and enjoy the cookout & awards cast by event supporter, Gibson Pewter.

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